A Farmyard Thriller

Making the Film

Making the Film

'Agroculture' was written as a low-budget thriller that could be shot under a tight time constraint alongside other university work. It was made for under £100 with equipment borrowed from the University of Lincoln, where many of those involved studied. 

The film was shot over 3 days in the Welsh countryside with a very limited crew; director, cinematographer and a production assistant. Set-ups and sound recording were pitch-in jobs from both crew and cast in order to get everything shot. Digging the hole was also a team effort. 

Post production was carried out over several weeks using facilities at the university. Buckets of gravel and mud were carried across campus to record soundscapes for the opening and ending sequences, which were entirely void of audio when shot due to the limited crew. 


Starring David Martin as the 'Farmer'

and Richard Miltiadis as the 'Suit'

Directed by Tom Price

Written by Tom Price & Joe Brassington

Cinematography by Jake Abraham

Sound Design by Sam Jenkins,

Dan Marnie and Rob Wynne

Colour Grading by Sean Olding

Production Assisted by Taylor Rowberry

Title Animation by Sam Brown